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Upcoming Cattle Sales

September 19, 2019
  • Cattle Sale

    800-1200 cattle expected
    *Jones Ranch 120 Redx Yrlings
    * Jim Murry - 80 yrlngs
    *Rushinka Ranch 220 RedxSim clvs
    *FDKL Chars - 170 Char str clvs
    *Ernie Smadella - 40 char calves

September 26, 2019
  • Cattle Sale

    1200 Cattle expected.
    * Robertson Ranch - 75 blackxsim strs clvs
    * Raymond Zamrykut - 75 clvs
    * FDKL Ranch-150 char hfr clvs
    * Bazinet Ranch-50 BlkxSim str clvs

October 3, 2019
  • Cattle Sale

    Boris and Dave Zamrykut 60 calves

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About Us

The Ste Rose Auction Mart (SRAM) has been in business since 1978. Since that year there has been many trying years, learning years, and a lot a great years, however, as we progress into the 21 century, marketing cattle takes a lot of experience, dedication, and knowledge of the electronic age.

At Ste. Rose Auction Mart we take the responsibility of marketing cattle very seriously. We operate on a professional level and understand that the revenue generated by each client’s cattle, through our facility, often represents an entire years’ income. We understand…..

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