About Us

The Ste. Rose Auction Mart (SRAM) has been in business since 1978 and owned. Since that year there has been many trying years, learning years, and a lot a great years, however, as we progress into the 21 century, marketing cattle takes a lot of experience, dedication, and knowledge of the electronic age.

At Ste. Rose Auction Mart we take the responsibility of marketing cattle very seriously. We operate on a professional level and understand that the revenue generated by each client’s cattle, through our facility, often represents an entire years’ income. We understand the hard work and expense that goes into producing quality cattle for market and it is our goal to see that each producer receives a premium. Owner/Operator- Myles Masson runs a “hands on” business and oversees the entire marketing process from start to finish. From answering calls and on farm visits, to booking trucks, receiving, sorting, advertising, selling and buying, Myles works closely with everyone involved right alongside his staff to see it all gets done right. Ste. Rose Auction Mart has always been at the forefront in cattle marketing using progressive computer programs and integrated scanning systems along with efficient handling methods to assist in the marketing process. Ste. Rose Auction Mart has become respected and known among cattlemen and buyers across Canada and into the U.S. as a source for premium quality well sorted cattle. Today, the SRAM does over 65 million in cattle sales a year, with over 1200 customers, and growing, even in these difficult times. Myles has the mind set and the understanding of what the customers are looking for, when it comes to how their product should be marketed in the best and most efficient way possible.