Bred Cow & Heifer Sale

Tuesday – December 3rd, 2019

Clint Cleave, Ochre River


70 Bred Red, Simx bred heifers, bred Red Angus.

Here is another reputation set of hfrs, again, purchased from one home (same home as past 5 years). All proven heifers, Due to start calving in Feb, with only a 70 day calving period. These heifers are extremely tame, have been pail fed all winter, so nice, well demeanored heifers. In pic’s and video the condition on some hfrs are a little low, but will have nice condition on them, by sale time.

Cole Ranching, Cayer

120 Black Heifers, Bred Black, Due April.17th.


Here is a set of outstanding (one iron) larger framed black & BWF heifers. All received there Blackleg, Bovishield, Vibrin, Ivermictin. Will be tested the day before the sale.

Denis Campbell, Ochre River

53-Char, Red, Blk Cows, Bred Black or Red Sim, Due Mid March 2020



Tentative Bred Cow & Heifer Sale 

Tuesday – December 10th, 2019

Bluff Creek Farms , Mike & Karen Brown , Silver Ridge

30 Black Heifers, Bred Black Angus (bull exposed for 70 days), Due March 25, 2020.

Full vaccination program – IBR/DVD, Black Leg, Ivomec Pour on and Vitamin A shot. Vet checked before breeding.