Fast and Efficient sales

  • STE ROSE AUCTION MART LTD. has been in the livestock auction business for over 38 years, and one of the most important standards we believe in is “fast and efficiency”. We have structured the SRAM for exactly this, and in the past 9 years Myles has made some major changes in how the sale is prepared and run:
Weekly Showlist:
SRAM has been providing this service for the past 9 years and we have received a very positive response from both the buyers and the sellers. This process has improved the speed of each sale by up to 50 %. For more complete information of the weekly showlist, click on the Showlist detail link.
Infrastructure changes and updates:
We have made major updates on the way cattle are brought into the scale with a new single alley, and an improved showlist alley before the sale ring. In the sale ring, cutting alley off the ring has been made for faster ring cut-out speeds and for the showlist preparations. Double hydraulic ring door system for better flow of cattle through the ring during each sale. Single alley sorting chute with 3 cut out swing gates for faster sorting, and less stress on cattle. New advanced sorting area, with endless flow of cattle to sorting gates, as cattle will flow in a circular motion.
Open pen system for ease of cleaning
Keeping the cattle looking there best, is very important to us, and we clean ALL pens on a WEEKLY basis, so we have installed easy to open gate system to clean out all holding pens of the south side, and also the south side feed pens .
New & updated computer system:
SRAM has introduced new computer system. This new software will be placed on the unloading area for quick and efficient process when unloading cattle, correct name & address, correct information with the cattle, and fully scanned with efficiency to provide tags for cattle with missing tags. The auction clerk will have a touch screen for quick and efficient process during each sale, with all information and comments provided right from the unloading process.
New Feed & Water Pens:
6 feed and water pens, with cement floors. This will give us another advantage to feed and water up to 800 cattle comfortably on Tuesday and another 1400 on Wednesday nights for a total of 2200 cattle the show-listing.
Hydraulic squeeze chute:
As you know, with the new legislation of RFID tags, we now have to provide a service to tag all “non tagged” cattle before we are to sell any cattle. So we have purchased and re-modeled our squeeze chute system with ease of tagging, and less stress on cattle. Also, preg-testing and bull sale preparation has been done with efficiency.