Triple Oak Farms

Here at Triple Oak Farms, Ken and I along with our kids Austin and Autumn run a 250 head Charolais cross cow/calf operation in the Interlake .

We are a very hands on operation that puts a lot of effort into bringing a top quality product to the sale ring. We wanted our name attached to them to build our reputation and found Myles forward thinking and how he runs his show list sale fit exactly what we were looking for. The calves are sorted great and handled well, we now have very few cut outs and bigger groups running through the ring where they are met by a very strong front row of reputable buyers . We love how quickly they are weighed and sorted and put back on feed which in my mind keeps the calves healthier going to their new homes and minimizes stress and shrink . We have been very pleased with Myles and the staff at SRAM. They work together with us at getting our calves marketed with confidence and to the best to everyone’s abilities.